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Susan Solomon, CPDT-KA, ANWI

Susan Solomon, CPDT-KA, ANWI

Originally from New York, Susan has loved animals all her life. After rescuing her mixed breed, Niko, as a puppy from a rural farm setting, she discovered training for obedience competition as a great outlet for his mental and physical energy.

Susan works as a local shelter volunteer and foster caregiver with dogs that require special attention.  Through fostering, she adopted her Chihuahua mix, Tot, who is her first small dog. He brings joy to Susan every day.

Susan has competed and titled both Niko and Tot in dog sports that include obedience, rally, K9 Nose Work, AKC Scent Work and tricks.  Niko is now working towards his NW3 Elite title.

In 2015, Susan attended her first Clicker Expo, which was an incredible experience and shaped her approach to training with markers and positive reinforcement.

Because of her curious mind and belief in continuing education, she regularly attends animal conferences and workshops. Among her credentials are a CPDT-KA and ANWI (Associate Nose Work Instructor) and she is a member of both APDT and IAABC.