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Dee Iaroli, CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator

Dee Iaroli, CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator

I was slowing down my career as a Physician Assistant when I rescued Farley, a Border Collie with issues related to punishment based handling in his prior home. I was motivated to learn about animal behavior in order to manage Farley and keep him safe. Also at the time I was a volunteer at Berkeley Humane.

Farley and I attended classes and scheduled private consultations to understand fear based aggression in dogs, and with that, my journey into animal behavior science took off. As Farley showed progress, his success resulted in my decision to study for the CPDT professional dog training certification.

A few years later, with dedication on both ends of the leash, I was leading group classes with Farley as the demonstration dog. Farley taught me so much and opened the field of training to me.

I am shown here with Tess, my current training partner, who is an energetic Border Collie/Aussie mix who enjoys working as the demo dog in classes as much as I enjoy working with our students.  I especially like teaching specialty classes, such as Come to Me.  Join us.