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Intermediate Skills

Intermediate Skills

Class Description

During this six (6) week class, dogs will develop faster and more durable response rates and become more confident. This class improves recall, stay reliability with distractions, leave it alone and general improvement in all social behaviors. Training games make learning fast and fun.

8 PM Classes:  We offer a 25% discount for classes beginning at 8 PM.  Price shown is the discounted price.

Class Candidate

For dogs that are 4 months old, or older. Best results if dog is over 6 months and tolerant of other dogs.

Pre-Requisites / Requirements

Completion of a Basic Skills class, or demonstrate reliable responses to sit, down, stay and walk for a short duration on a loose leash. If your dog is reactive and unable to function well around other dogs, please contact us prior to enrolling.

Please bring dogs on flat collars or harnesses and a 4 to 6 foot leash. Please do not bring choke, prong or other correction collars or retractable leashes.

  • Intermediate Skills 2336: January 20-February 24, 7:00 pm
    January 20, 2020
    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Intermediate Skills 2341: January 28-March 3, 6:30 pm
    January 28, 2020
    6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Intermediate Skills 2364: March 8~April 19, 4:30 pm
    March 8, 2020
    4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


  • Train the Bay trainer Nancy Frensley with her Austrailian Shepherd and mixed dogs
    Nancy Frensley
    As the Lead Trainer at Train the Bay, Nancy spent the last three decades dedicated to her training work, to developing the program, and to helping Bay Area dogs and their families. In addition to the hundreds of students she teaches every year, she is the voice behind Berkeley Humane’s free Behavior Advice Hotline, and she evaluates and supports the training of shelter dogs at Berkeley Humane.
  • Dee Iaroli
    When Dee rescued Farley, a Border Collie who "had issues", her journey into animal behavior began. Dee was motivated to learn quickly in order to manage Farley and keep him safe. They attended the classes and private consultations offered by Train the Bay—Farley showed progress, which further motivated Dee to obtain her CPDT-KA certification. Today, Dee teaches dog training classes and her dog demonstrates for the class. Dee credits Farley for being a wonderful teacher. 
  • Train the Bay trainer Barbara Stanczyk with her pitbull mix dog
    Barbara Stanczyk
    Barbara specializes in basic obedience training for large and small dogs. Her life-long love for animals and dogs evolved into a desire to understand animal behavior. She enrolled with Dog Training Internship Academy in San Francisco to further her knowledge, and has continued to broaden her knowledge and training through courses and seminars. She enjoys teaching and helping families grow their connection with their pets. 
  • Train the Bay trainer Birgit Hafermann
    Birgit Hafermann
    Birgit has been teaching basic and intermediate obedience classes at Train the Bay since 2003. She attended the dog behavior academy at Marin Humane Society and became certified as a professional dog trainer through the Certification Counsel for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). Birgit enjoys teaching dogs of all sizes and temperaments.
Details Price Qty
Intermediate Skills 2336: January 20-February 24, 7:00 pmshow details + $150.00 (USD)  
Intermediate Skills 2341: January 28-March 3, 6:30 pmshow details + $150.00 (USD)  
Intermediate Skills 2364: March 8~April 19, 4:30 pmshow details + $160.00 (USD)  


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